Determination of Zirconium, Niobium, Iron, Nickel, Copper and Manganese in Uranium Alloys-Emission Spectrometry

Xia Zhao


This method established an inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometry method to determine the contents of zirconium, niobium, iron, nickel, copper and manganese in uranium and uranium alloy through the sample pretreatment, sample weighing, dissolution method, uranium separation method, interference test between coexisting elements, precision and recovery test. This method separated the uranium matrix, and avoided the influence of uranium matrix on zirconium, niobium, iron, nickel and manganese.


Uranium and uranium alloy; Zirconium content; Niobium content; Iron content; Nickel content; Copper content; Manganese content; Emission spectrometry

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Kapulla H, Heine R, Results and Experience With the KfK-Tritium Calorimeter[J].Fusion Tedhnol, 1992,28:1020 ~ 1025.



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